We don’t just talk about IoT, we do it.


We believe that the Internet of Things has tremendous potential to make life better but lacks practical applications. Our goal is to deliver concrete solutions that put the Internet of Things to work, bringing this potential to life and accelerating the creation of a better future for everyone.

 Using non-invasive sensors and an intelligent data platform we enrich your existing processes and IT with real time information about your assets.


By analysing commonly required features, we have built SARAhub – a unique IoT integration platform with proven, reusable modules to accelerate the delivery of practical IoT solutions. And enable improvements in your day-to-day business operations.


A one-stop IoT solution integrator.

Jointly discover ideas to use IoT to benefit your business

Use our expertise to design the best solution for your situation

Select, deliver and install the required sensors and connectivity

Deploy and configure our cloud based SARAhub

Integrate your existing assets, processes and
IT systems

Help you to fully adopt, operate and use your new solution


Years of IoT experiences

Connected systems


Why to work with us

We use a proven process that includes all steps needed to make sense of IoT in your environment, reducing the costs and risks of implementing high value IoT solutions in your business.

We take care of everything – from idea to deployment.

As an OKIN Group company we have years of practical IoT experience, spanning facility management, logistics and manufacturing. We understand the power of timely responses to critical situations. But we also know that the value of IoT relies entirely on our ability to react. Without business integration, IoT data is just noise.


We integrate different IoT systems

Experiences from variety of industries

We utilize your current systems

Quick and effective start

Set of proven scenarios

We are part of the innovative OKIN Group. Together with other technological companies, we belong to OKIN Labs.

Take your assets to the next level.

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