Healthy buildings and environment


The impact of the environment on the efficiency of both people and machines is sufficiently demonstrated by a number of renowned studies. At the same time, it is stated that we currently spend up to 90% of our time in buildings.


Offices, rooms, warehouses, production halls

The ability to monitor and respond to different environmental parameters is therefore one of the key aspects of the smart environment of buildings, offices, production halls, warehouses, shops, medical facilities and other premises. As with other IoT (Internet of Things) areas, it is important to link data collection with subsequent evaluation and response. There are currently a number of tools for data collection or management of building technologies. But they are often isolated islands within a building or technology, unconnected. It is therefore important to link systems and ensure action based on different inputs.

Most often measured and monitored

  • Temperature, humidity, light, noise level, dust, CO2, VOC
  • Number of people and movement, entrances, occupancy of rooms, tables/chairs
  • Presence of smoke, fire detection
  • Outdoor environment including the light of parts of buildings by the sun

Most frequently controlled technologies

  • HVAC, heating, AC, air flow
  • Light
  • Blinds and other shading technology
  • Access system

Common scenarios for smart buildings and spaces

Healthy and productive environment
  • Optimize and save costs by monitoring and evaluating space behavior
  • Increase worker productivity and health due to optimal conditions (heat, humidity, CO2, light, noise)
  • Healthy Buildings and Offices
Track space usage
  • Analysis of the use of premises for development and use planning, cost savings (meeting rooms, use of tables, parking spaces, …)
  • Reservation system for parking and office spaces / desks  (+integration for heating/cooling)
Efficient waste management
  • Monitoring the filling of waste containers
  • Reactive collection according to current fill
  • Fill analysis for planning the number of collections, containers, recommendations for waste management optimization
Protection of buildings, technologies and goods
  • Protection of building structures against degradation by preventing mold, dampness, high temperatures, etc….
  • Monitoring of storage and transport conditions of goods including compliance with production or legislative conditions and standards (pharmacy, food industry…)
  • Ensuring optimal conditions and response to failures/risks for technological rooms (boiler rooms, technical facilities, transfer stations, server rooms,…)
  • Early warning in case of impending or ongoing smoking of the area or fire
Predictive and reactive cleaning
  • Request cleaning at the touch of a button
  • Detection of cleaning needs based on environmental parameters (higher number of people in the meeting room detected, increased CO2 concentration etc.)
  • Cleaning planning taking into account room usage (no need for daily cleaning in rooms where there is no movement due to absence)

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