Smart and fact-based maintenance


Reduce maintenance costs and reduce downtime, predictive maintenance is the key.

Link revision management and process-driven equipment maintenance to real-time data. This will increase availability and efficiency while reducing costs

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are the ideal tool for monitoring the status of any device or environment. In addition to the actual overview, this information can also be used to analyze and identify possible impending problems and the need to solve them. Our SARA.hub solution will playfully master this agenda.

When an non-standard event is identified (need for inspection, fault/accident resolution,…), a system for solving the maintenance agenda comes on the scene – it completely covers the planning of activities, their management and implementation, including the tool for describing and billing the solution by the appropriate technician. Such a system can be, for example  INSPECTO. evidence


  • Overview of the current state – for environment and technologies
  • Immediate and automatic response to status/situation change
  • Predictive maintenance – prevention of accidents or expensive repairs
  • Comprehensive maintenance process solution
    (planned, ad-hoc, crash)
  • Status and activity reports including billing


  • Speed up and improve maintenance
  • Cost savings
  • Prevention of failures and downtime
  • Extending product lifecycle
  • Accurate reporting

Typical uses cases

Machines and technologies
  • Monitoring key machine parameters (temperature, vibration, pressure, speed, sound,…)
  • Immediate response to potential faults (parameter change, non-standard vibrations or sounds)
  • Automatic maintenance planning based on operation (time, conditions,..)
Energy - water, gas, electricity, heat
  • Possibility to analyze detailed history of energy consumption
  • Activation of the control process in case of non-standard consumption (higher consumption than defined within a certain interval, including possible dependence on the number of people, technologies in operation, etc..)
Waste management
  • Monitor the filling of waste containers and containers and activation of the waste disposal requirement
    Buildings, Offices, Rooms
    • Overview of the quality of the internal environment including the possibility of reporting
    • Automatic request to check the technology when changing environmental parameters (e.g. checking the heating/cooling system when the desired temperature is repeatedly not reached)
    • Possibility to activate the maintenance/cleaning process based on a specific situation (press a button, make a ,…)
    Outdoor environment
    • Automatic activation of the space cleaning request based on the number of people through or outside conditions (rain, low temperatures,…)
    • Activation of snow removal request based on climatic conditions

    Different needs, one solution

    A powerful environment for connecting data about assets, energy, environment and people.

    Take your assets to the next level.

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