Energy savings

There are a few simple steps to reduce consumption and thus costs:

  1. Know your consumption
  2. Reduce risks
  3. Manage and Optimize

Know your consumption – and not only according to the annual bill from the supplier. If you continuously know how your consumption develops over time or depending on the environment, you are able to take the first action right away. Thus, knowledge of data is the basis.

Reduce risks – automatic state reading lowers error rates while checking for possible risks of intentional and unintentional energy leaks (unauthorized pumping, wiring failure,..)

Manage and optimize – active power management depending on the current consumption (quarter-hour maximum for electricity), optimization of heating and cooling based on machine evaluation of environmental behavior including weather or number of people, or automatic distribution of energy according to consumption are new options that are a demonstration of the solution based on the right data

Most often measured and monitored

  • Electricity – kWh, tariffs, supply to the network
  • Water – flow (volume, direction)
  • Heat – kJ
  • Gas – volume

Most offen used in

  • Office buildings
  • Production plants – technologies and plants
  • Logistics and warehouse parks
  • Branch offices
  • Apartment buildings

Common scenarios

Optimizing energy consumption
  • Optimization of energy consumption based on consumption analysis (incl. Control of quarter-hour maximum
  • Advanced mutual analysis of space behavior or equipment use and impact on energy consumption
Remote energy consumption reading
  • Reduced labor and error rate when subtracting energy consumption due to automatic remote reading (water, electricity, heat, gas)
  • Support for automated accounting within a company or tenants
  • Consumption audit to prove status and history/development
Protection against unauthorized usage
  • Detection of anomalies in water, electricity consumption
  • Automatic and, above all, timely response or warning of suspicious anomalies – potential unauthorized electricity/water abstraction
Early response to accidents
  • Detection of anomalies in water, electricity, gas consumption
  • Automatic and above all timely response or warning of suspicious anomalies – possible wiring failure (water leakage), damaged equipment, etc..
Automatic billing
  • Automatic energy readings, data transformations and their transmission as basis for reposting or invoicing

You can also read more about energy in a separate article  on this topic, which we have written for you.

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