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We tailor IoT to your needs.

We use a proven process that includes all steps needed to make sense of IoT in your environment, reducing the costs and risks of implementing high value IoT solutions in your business.

From understanding how to make the best use of IoT in your business through to rapid proof of value and fast solution roll out, we can work with you to make sense of IoT in your business operations.

As an OKIN Group company we have years of practical IoT experience, spanning facility management, logistics and manufacturing. We understand the power of timely responses to critical situations. But we also know that the value of IoT relies entirely on our ability to react. Without business integration, IoT data is just noise.



Our leading portfolio offers you a high value, low risk way to make sense of IoT in your specific context.


We take care of everything – from idea to deployment.

Jointly discover ideas to use IoT to benefit your business

Use our expertise to design the best solution for your situation

Select, deliver and install the required sensors and connectivity

Deploy and configure our cloud based SARAhub

Integrate your existing assets, processes and
IT systems

Help you to fully adopt, operate and use your new solution

IWO: Inspirational IoT workshop

This is where the road to meaningful IoT begins. Learn more about IoT, be inspired by practical examples and suggestions. We will try to find suitable IoT usage areas for you together, and set the next steps. 

  • Basic introduction to IoT
  • Inspiration from typical usage scenarios and current trends
  • Identify potential areas with specific IoT benefits in a client environment
  • Basic evaluation and idea of possible next steps
  • A simple way to start dealing with an IoT area with an overlap into process automation

  • Get inspired and identify potential benefits and next steps

  • Invest 3h/1 day of time in educating yourself and your team

For who
  • Company Management
  • Business IT
  • Lean Managers, Innovators
  • Anyone intersted in IoT, new technologies …
The form


  • Introduction of IoT area, concepts, basic concepts

  • Typical scenarios by industry, trends

  • Discussion of current projects and strategies of the client in order to determine the potential benefits of IoT

  • Recommendations for further action

The resulting report, which captures the key points of the workshop, including the proposal for further

Need analysis and Solution Design

We analyze your needs for IoT applications, including the necessary connection to surrounding systems. We will then design the optimal design and architecture of the solution, which will give you the required benefit and will be effective for both deployment and operation. 

SARAhub: solution for IoT integration and reaction

SARAhub (Smart Assets Rapid Action) is a easy-to-use environment for highly responsive IoT. SARAhub acts as a central nervous system for your assets – receiving information, processing it and triggering action when necessary in response to important events. It enables you to Displays sensors and devices in graphic diagrams, maps, and filtered lists. It allows you to set up automated responses to specific situations, data consolidation, and many other features. It connects to surrounding systems and application to enable data and business process integration.

Custom development of IoT solutions

Although our SARA.hub solution covers a number of IoT scenarios, we are ready to complement other scenarios according to your needs, or design and create tailor-made IoT solutions for you. Thanks to our experience, a number of partners and a number of pre-prepared modules and scenarios, we are able to prepare such a tailor-made solution quickly and efficiently.

IoT system integration with surrounding applications and systems 

IoT solutions and systems are not the only applications you run in your company. Therefore, it is very important to be able to connect these systems with each other, thus enabling data exchange and process continuity. And it is precisely on integration that we focus very intensively on. We can connect more than 2000 different applications and systems. Don’t leave your IoT solution alone.

CLEANING CONTROL: simple management of cleaners

CLEANING CONTROL is a powerful but simple to use attendance system which allows you to monitor the arrival and departure of cleaners – and to dispatch alternative workers in the case of any problem. By equipping your building with special readers that recognize cleaners’ unique electronic tags the system enables coordinators to check staff attendance and schedules. To ensure robustness the tags are both waterproof and shockproof, protecting them from damage during normal handling.

Take your assets to the next level.

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