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Flexible Workspace Solutions for Commercial Real Estate


The coronavirus pandemic has pushed most employees to work from home. They changed the way how to use offices when they returned back.


Key Statistics:

Pain points for Property Managers

  • Tenants want to avoid overpaing by leasing smaller areas with quick adaptation to changes post COVID-19
  • No interoperability between systems to drive intelligent environmental controls
  • Disparate building management systems make it impossible to efficiently utilize existing infrastructure
  • No oversight of building occupancy and energy usage

Commercial Real Estate Dynamics

Tenants are:

Shrinking their leased office space to:

  • Adapt to work from home workforce
  • Cut costs
Property Managers are:
  • Planning to offer space in a more flexible way to attract companies
  • Looking for more ways to cut the fixed costs


Flex Workspace Occupier Models

The Flex Value Proposition

How we are different:

We bring the combination of FM market experience and IT know how – we are connecting those 2 worlds

  • OKIN currently manages over 6,000,000 sqm (over 65,000,000 sq ft) of combined space for ourselves and for clients

Our combination of FM and IT experience means stress-free setup for you

We are an independent integrator – building you a custom best-fit solution

  • We can collect and integrate data from ANY source
  • Customization based on IoT/Sensors, integration/IT platform, your ERP system(s), management portal, user apps

We are flexible, able to experiment and provide fast results

Our solution

Smart Building Solutions

High-Precision People Counting & Queue Management

Comply with local regulations and manage the number of people entering and exiting the site

Easily track the movement of tenants entering and exiting

Sensors provide you with REAL TIME occupancy information

Directly notify your patrons customers when they may enter through mobile phone notifications

Our queue management solution can be tailored to your specific needs

Support & Facility Management

Control costs with environmental sensors that allow for effective, automated tracking of indoor climate and utility usage

Plan ahead and establish real-time responses to work-order processes, service alerts and technical fine-tuning of equipment in real time

Manage your cleaning budgets with the right information and integrate disinfection and cleaning routines, providing real-time support and response to your tenants

Occupier & Lease Management

Understand how your space is being used and make data-driven decisions when it comes to lease renewals

Manage your space fluidly and close leases faster and on-demand

Desk & Booking Management

Manage office capacity and ensure safe and flexible working for your employees and members with the desk booking tool.

Implement occupancy limits and social distancing procedures and provide contact tracing at the office across multiple locations and from home

With the high precision people counting sensor, help employee and tenants avoid busy spaces and reduce the risks of viral transmission

Real Time Monitoring, Data & Analytics

Get an instant view of building-wide space occupancy data, utilization patterns and trends

Data is easy-to-ready and provides an intuitive understanding of which spaces are busy or more quiet, both in real-time or in time-lapse

Gain access to reporting of system performance, energy usage, faults and risks

Key takeaways

Different needs, one solution

A powerful environment for connecting data about assets, energy, environment and people.

Take your assets to the next level.

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